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The Flying K

It has been found... 

The Flying K


September 15th, 2000--------- July 28th, 2002










Michael Kitay Garry



Dedicated To:







My late Grandmother Molly Kitay, because if I were a girl that would be my name. Imagine that!













Shauna Szymkowski 1980-2002  





THE FLYING K was born on a beautiful Friday night at The City Market in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. On this night, celebration was in the air and a Ben Harper concert was taking place. 

At some point throughout this concert, probably around the fifth or the 6th song and when the Ectascy really started to kick in, THE FLYING K took his first flight. A friend and myself were around when this amazing moment happened. I remember vividly grabbing THE K by the arm and saying, "Sit still, we have to listen to this song!" That song ended up being "Burn One Down!" A theme song for THE K, that eventually caused his death and heeled his soul. After the song, he saw a girl he knew and he flew! Flying in big looping circles, feeling as free as the birds in the air or an airplane flying cross-country. The Flying K did not care about what he looked like. He did not care about what people thought of him. He knew that what he was doing was more exhilarating and more exciting then anybody at that point in time. THE FLYING K ended the first flight with an exhausting landing on the ground! He just laid there looking up at the stars in the sky. "I think I see the Big Dipper," THE FLYING K would say grasping for some fresh air.

THE FLYING K would have never thought that the first flight would be such a success that people would request his presence over and over again. Birthday parties, sporting events (THE K loved flying coming out of crowded football, baseball and basketball games where he could weave in and out of all the people filing into their cars), or a nice spring night coming home from the bars all juiced up on Speed. THE FLYING K thrived in all the attention and would never pass up an opportunity to fly.

Whenever and wherever THE FLYING K flew he did it with such grace and determination. I remember THE K calling me one day from his home in Thailand where he stationed himself.  He said, "Mike, I think I am going to come to Lawrence tonight and make an appearance.”  I said, "Great, I am sure a lot of people around here will like to see THE K fly tonight." He said,"I will be there around 2:30 am!" And somewhere close to that time, THE FLYING K came out. Flying fast! Like a sprinter in a 100-yard dash! Down Kentucky Street against the traffic, circling large oak trees and dodging drunk drivers. Always landing on the ground and looking up at the stars. Winded was THE K after all his flights, but he always could get up bum a cigarette and drink a beer with all his boys hanging out at 1138. That was the way THE K lived his life. Each flight THE K made was better than the last, but at the same time it sucked a little more life out him and made him weaker. After a while THE FLYING K had nothing left to him, he was dying and there was nothing anyone could say or do to save him.

Sometimes THE FLYING K would just come out of nowhere and just show up. That was his way of doing things. People would just stand still, smile and aww at his presence. THE FLYING K kept taking on new challenges in new places. Always trying to top the last flight. He flew in over 15 different countries and over 50 cities worldwide. 

It is too bad we talk about THE FLYING K in the past tense. It is too bad that no one will ever see THE FLYING K fly again. It is too bad THE FLYING K died!

The last time THE FLYING K flew that anybody has any knowledge of was Memorial Day weekend--May 25th, 2002 at the Sasquatch Festival. It took place at the Gorge Amphitheater where a freedom festival was taking place with a great lineup that included great bands such as Galactic, Soulive, Maktub, String Cheese Incident, Ben Harper and Jack Johnson. THE K arrived the night before the festival and camped out under the stars and got stupid. He was at the most amazing venue in North America (See Nate Welzenbach) and THE K knew nobody except for his buddy Chaz. He had decided to enhance his experience by taking some mushrooms the day of the concert. 

What I am about to tell everyone is a story about the last time THE FLYING K flew. This story has only been told one other time and is based off of actual events. The early acts of the Sasquatch Festival were awesome and exhilarating, but the last three were the ones everyone were gearing up for. At this concert a person dressed up in a Sasquatch costume came out on stage and sang the national anthem. THE K stood up, but the other 20,000 people just sat around talking, smoking their pot and ignoring the anthem. THE K did not understand what was taking place although he was getting ready for the main acts. Jack Johnson, Ben Harper and String Cheese. Right before Jack Johnson was about to come on stage THE K decided that it was the right time to take the mind-blowing drugs. THE K had been drinking and smoking all day long. It was a typical Northwest spring day.  The sun was very hot and was peaking through the clouds every half and hour or so. He had not eaten or drank anything real solid for a long time. As you can tell this was all adding up to be a big disaster for THE FLYING K. The outcome was one crazy experience! Jack Johnson came out on stage by himself and played 3 beautiful new acoustic songs. After that he went into a song THE K had recognized. Just as he was starting to feel the flow, THE FLYING K collapsed and had a "Near Death Experience!" 

THE FLYING K was on the ground in a crowd of 1000 people in the middle of fucking nowhere out cold! After a minute or two of pure blackness THE K awoke and was surrounded by thousands of curios people. I wonder what had brought THE K out of the cold and back into everyday life? Was it somebody? Was it his friends? Was it his family? Was it that he was meant to live a long life? What could it have been? What is the meaning of LUNA? The answer will never really be found, but all I know is that he awoke in the middle of the song very dazed and very confused. 

When he awoke he realized he was surrounded by security guards. THE FLYING K thought he was going to be arrested. He tried to fly away and fly fast, but the guards did not let him get very far. They grabbed his arms and assisted him to the medical and security tent. Once arriving at the tent THE K collapsed again. Laying on the ground with Jack Johnson in the background, being fed water. After about 20 or 30 more minutes of recuperating, THE K was asked a ton of questions and was finally released. THE K was very light headed and decided he needed to take a walk. As he started to walk around the amphitheater he started to feel a sense of pride about his life. He knew that the way he lived was not the healthiest, but for the moment there was nothing he could do. So for one last time across the middle of the amphitheater as Jack Johnson was singing his album titled song, "Brushfire Fairytales" with the words of the chorus saying, "Slow Down Everyone You are moving too fast, Friends can't help you when you are moving like that!" THE FLYING K flew one last time. A slow paced flight that was as gentle as the wind blowing. THE K flying with his arms spread wide wearing his Bridge School shirt around his waist and his RocK Werchter shirt with a Superman like logo on the front of his chest. THE FLYING K flew again. With such urbanity and confidence like he had been doing it for 50 years. He flew and as he passed people in the crowd, he knew they wanted to fly with him, just like everyone who saw THE K fly before. 

After THE FLYING K's final flight that beautiful day in George, Washington he landed at the top of the amphitheater where Ben Harper was about to come on and play his touching music. THE FLYING K just lied there as Ben Harper played the soundtrack to his life for the past two years. (Pleasure & Pain, Waiting on an Angel, Burn One Down, With My Own Two Hands, Diamonds on The Inside, Whipping Boy, The Drugs Don't Work, Walk Away, Excuse Me Mr., and FOREVER)

The point of THE FLYING K is that everyone should enjoy life. He believed you created your own luck. He lived with the idea that the more chances you take the more good things will happen. I guess it was time that THE K's luck was up, but at the same time failure stared him straight in the eyes. In the last few months THE K started reading books, writing a lot of poetry and short stories. The very first poem he wrote he started to carry around with him at all times during all flights. It was written in Portland, OR following his first dark rainy winter on April 20th, 2002 about a girl. THE FLYING K a great wing man, a great poet and a great friend died in Las Vegas, Nevada trying to reach the bright lights of the Vegas Strip. He was at the airport on his way home from his first mind-blowing experience to New York City where he decided he needed to fly the Vegas strip one last time. He was found 4 days after his death in a ditch on the side of the road (Layne Staley Style). 

THE K was only 2 and a half years old when he died. He died at a young age, but he lived a great life. He stood for things that people forget in this day in age. He wanted to bring smiles to people’s faces and make a difference. I think he accomplished all of those things in a short amount of time. All of that did not matter to him because he enjoyed life. THE FLYING K is not gone forever.  His legacy will live on with each story told, by each person he touched.  I know he is out there somewhere flying around in a town near you.  Just look for a pigeon and you will find THE FLYING K.  

If THE FLYING K were still around today I think he would tell you to enjoy life, be happy with the cards that have been dealt, appreciate everything and everyone, don't take anything for granted and always, always have fun. ENJOY!




I am high right now

I smoke a lot of pot

My window is cracked

I want to have a cigarette


My checkbook is low

And I need some more stamps

The ATM machine

Can’t give me more cash


I have to go to work tomorrow

And make some more money

There are guys outside

Making some noises


I got some pictures back 

Of my beautiful city

What I need now 

Is a wonderful girl



















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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Poem #3

New Strange Friendships

Old found friends

The Same Beer

People lost

People being found

People finding each other


Moving to other places

The Same Beer

From sound to bay

Ocean to Lake

River to Stream

Plain to Hill

Plateau to Mountain

Volcano to Earthquake

Hurricane to Tornado

People doing crazy things

Weapons being used

Independence being tried

When will we really settle

When will it really end

The Same Beer

New Strange Friendships

Friday, August 2, 2013

Poem #34

Topeka needs to be cool...

Reach out to states surrounding Kansas

Make Partnerships

High Speed rail

Instead of Wave the Wheat, we should wave the Weed!!

Bike Lanes!!!



Culinary Destination


Respect where Respect is well deserved.

Topeka ..

Could it ever be cool?

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Sunday, June 16, 2013


This is a tough nugget...

Kansas City is not a Hockey town. 

How long until the wear of tear of not being one of the Original 6 or a Hockey town begin to take its toll?

The season is probably a tad too long. 

Do you really want a Hockey franchise from the desert?

When the conversation was about the Pittsburgh Penguins, that had substance.

Playoff Hockey is pretty intense.  That is a plus.

However, whats great about being in Kansas City right now is you can adopt a team.

@Marksman116 is a Detroit Wed Rings fan.  Why not, they are always in the playoffs.

My dad loves the Penguins.

I like the Blackhawks, but I would probably be a Vancouver Canucks or Edmonton Oilers fan if I had to adbopt a team for the rest of my life. Gretzky baby!!!!!

That is what this Hockey conversation is about.  Adopting a franchise. Finding the next Gretzky. Maybe he is in Kansas City.  That is what sports is about.

Picture this, the Missouri Mavericks or Kansas started a franchise.  We worked our way up through the ranks and became a NHL team.  We earned our place among the best.

I think that is what is troubling about Major League Soccer.  At what point does American want more and become a World Class League with some of the best players in the world playing week after week?

Back to Hockey. I'm not sure taking the Coyotes, Glendale Arizona's problem and making them our problem. 

If it makes you feel any better, I'm not sold on an NBA team right now, but that could probably change pretty fast. 

Happy Father's Day ...

Thougts? Comments? Discussion?

Until Next Time #Jewfromovement

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Kansas Citizen takes on STL.

 Here is the main question of this sitting, “Should Kansas take over Kansas City."

Just think what’s possible if Kansas City was part of Kansas?

Now on to the trip to St. Louis.

Weather was awful for late April, but staying in the Chase Park Plaza made it an overall plausible trip.

Magic House was the first stop. Nothing like it in Kansas City. A must to do for anyone with a family.  Simple, pure, children, and entertainment with no hidden agendas. Took some good pics and videos. Magic House crushes Crown Center out of the park. To be fair, I have not been to the Aquarium or Lego Land. I'm pretty sure St. Louis does not have a Lego Land.

Drove this trip on Missouri Hwy 50, but will probably do the Amtrak River Runner next time around. From the look and feel of STL, it has good public transportation and ease of getting around. Plus, if you stay at the Chase, you're near just about everything.

With my family growing, I will probably only travel to cities with good options of transportation.

“The West End” is a part of town comparable to Westport. However, the anchor is the Chase Park Plaza. Kansas City does not have a specific part of town anchored by a hotel, but St. Louis also does not have anything like The Plaza.

The Chase Park Plaza was a sweet ass hotel. It was hip with class and history.

Kansas City is classier. Kansas City is hipper. Saint Louis is sexier. Saint Louis is dangerous.  They have the highs of the highs and the slums of the slums. Saint Louis has better hospitals and universities. Kansas City has more sprawl. Kansas City has Kansas. Saint Louis has East Saint Louis. Kansas City is the ugly stepchild of Missouri.  However, Kansan’s spend a ton of money in Kansas City, Missouri.

Saint Louis is the pride jewel of Missouri. 

Because they hosted the World Fair, have the Arch, located directly on the Mississippi?

Is it because Jefferson City, Missouri is run by University of Missouri folk and most of the legislature comes from Eastern Missouri where the population reigns?

If Topeka, Kansas has some sense, they would see an opportunity for Kansas City.  See what Missouri has done with Saint Louis and duplicate that with Kansas City. 

Kansas City has Soccer. Saint Louis has Hockey and a better baseball franchise.We both have interesting football franchises.Not sure if Sports matter, when visiting a city, but I'm sure the stats say they do.  

Kansas City has the arts and culture. Saint Louis has the prep and Chicago “envy”.

It rained the entire 48 hours we were in Saint Louis.

It’s a testament to a city, to what it provides on a rainy day. A city will show it’s true colors.

On this rainy day, we ventured to the “City Museum” downtown. A 6 story building with the inside made of metal. A bad acid trip done terribly wrong, but some how pulls it off. It sparks conversation, but not sure the point of it all when it is broken down.  Like I said, Saint Louis, highs of the highs, scum of the scum.

In the evening the wifey and I were headed to one of Saint Louis up and coming restaurant. Salt. Yep, Salt lived up to the expectations. Great restaurant in a former funeral home. The drink list was interesting and tame. The food was delicious and spot on. They knew what they did well and executed that dish exceptionally well.

The location was interesting. As we were walking out of the restaurant, the bartender asked us where we were staying. Told us we should call a cab, not walk because down the street there was a horrible crime.  Gang type violence, that only takes place East of 71 Hwy in Kansas City.When you are in Saint Louis, the violence is all around you. I did not sense it at the Magic House, but I did at the City Museum. I sensed it around our hotel.

We saved the best for last. The St. Louis Zoo was an excellent time. There is not a consensus in Kansas City between the STL and Omaha Zoo. The Kansas City Zoo ranks 3rd in Kansas City. It has the space, but it needs a ton of updating. Looking forward to my first zoo trip in Omaha to add it to the equation.

The highlight of the STL Zoo was the Hippos and Sea Lions. The Ape's were a solid and the Cats were below average. We did not see that much more because we waited for the train forever. It was a semi-cold day and everyone wanted to ride the train.The STL Zoo is a better zoo then Kansas City.Plus it's free.  Whoopee Dee...

In the end, STL probably have better Children’s attraction, but I would much rather live and raise a family in Kansas City. 

The real question, is what state will legalize Marijuana first, Missouri or Kansas?

Any guesses?

Until next time #Jewfromovement ..

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Poem # 7

The #AmericanSummer

Posting up at a festival..

Eating fair food..

Airplane! Airplane!

Throwing the ball to your dog in the back yard.

An Ode to #LSS
Throwing the ball to your dog in the back yard after a fresh cut.

Hi-5 Jerry!

Hanging a tree swing.

Take a road trip..

Swimming in a body of water.

Swinging some sticks..

Kicking back..

The #AmericanSummer

Monday, May 20, 2013

Slave to the DVR - Southland



The last 2 shows of this great cop series were incrediable. Call me a satisfied viewer and a show that was fun from start to finish. 

Hand the creator and lead writer the keys to an HBO or Showtime show and let's see what they can do with some R rating.

Give TNT credit, they were excellent. They gave the right amount of rope and let this show fly.

It was a show that the Wifey and I began together and we always called it "Southwoodland" because it gave a normalcy to Los Angeles. It took fake people, had them play real people in the fakest city in the world.

Regardless, this is what more TV shows should strive for. A good 5 or 6 season run.

Mad Men is in the dumps because it is their pen-ultimate season.

Game of Thrones is on top of their game.

Southwoodland aka Southland ... Thank you and Don't Change a Thing.

Until next time #Jewfromovement



On the 2nd viewing of Chaos, the penultimate episode of the series, directed by Christopher Chulak (he also directed the pilot).

A lot is running through my head.

Was this the best hour on TV in 2013? Was it the Red Wedding?  What about 'The Crash' episode on Mad Men?

Let's do quick Q&A.

1. Rank Southland on the #JewfroTV scale? 8.5 (very high)

2. Should Michael Cudlitz win an emmy? He should submit Chaos and Reckoning & should at least be nominated.

3. What made Southland such a good show? It played by its own rules & made honest TV. The show was not taken by the mass audiences.  It was an indie show that accepted their audience and finished the stories of Sherman (OC Man) & Munce (90210) when they started as partners. The season's overlapped nicely & the story continued to unfold.

4. Will you be doing a rewatch?

Until next time #Jewfromovement ...